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Worship Primer: How God Builds A Relationship

What is a Worship Primer? a worship primer is a template for family worship as we "Shelter in Place" on Sundays. Please use this primer to help lead yourself and your family in worship of Jesus Christ.

I miss you more than words can express! I miss seeing your faces, hearing your laughs, giving you hugs, and hearing your stories. I miss singing with you, praying together, and studying the Scriptures in the same room. As I long to be with you, I imagine what our first service back together will be like. Funny, I don't think about the songs we will sing or  the order of service or even the topic of my message...I just think about being together. I wonder: will we cry? laugh?? or both at the same time???...will we even be able to begin the service because we will all be jubilant (this would be okay with me : )? Truth is, I don't care, I just want to be with you!!!  Created in God's image, He designed you and me to yearn for Him and for one another. We, even the most introverted among us, need human affection and connection. How do I know this? Because God exists in fellowship and He created us to be as He is and to yearn for what He yearns.  This morning, our study takes us from Numbers 13 to Hebrews 3-4 to Genesis 1-3. God has created you and me to connect in loving relationship with Him and with each other because He created us to be relational beings. So, how do relationships work? We often joke about how children or spouses should have come with Instruction Manuals. Truth is, we do! As we worship together today, let's remember that God has created us to live in relationship with Him and others...and He has shown us the way to build healthy friendships.  Here is the playlist, including songs and sermon: Discussion Questions:

  • How does our desire to connect with other people reflect the image of God?

  • What are the two main ingredients for building solid relationships/ friendship?

  • Why is it impossible to build deeper relationships with people who will not share more deeply of themselves?

  • Why is quantity of time an ingredient for building solid relationships? with God? with people?

  • How is trust grown?

  • Is trust given or earned? Why?

  • Why is rest a product of ever deepening relationships and growing trust?

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