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May 10th: Family Worship Playlist

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our physical and spiritual mothers. God has blessed us through you and we will not fully comprehend your investment in us till we see with clearer eyes in Heaven. 

Of course, when we think of Mom’s we think of the nurturing and encouraging warmth of love that flows out of your smile, daily care, counsel, discipline, and conversation. This picture of love is found in the best moments of motherhood...and it also reflects a powerful aspect of God’s character.  With concern and love, like a Mom, Christ pursues us, gives up His life for us, comforts & encourages us through His Spirit, ascends to get our “room” ready and intercede for us, and then come get us when it's ready for dinner (i.e. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb). Oh, Amazing Love!

Today, as we celebrate Mom’s, we purposefully focus on God’s Love and how it is His love that satisfies like no other love can.

Here is the Family Worship Playlist with songs and sermon:

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